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Move thought. First steps.

To understand man we must explore all by yourself.

In the course of various experiments with weights Kozyrev, it was observed that the observation of the experience changes the results . Further experiments only the force of thought on the arrow of the device showed that the thought is material and it is capable of acting on the arrow device Kozyrev.

Many experimenters called telekinesis impact energy radiated hands. Using the remote influence hands fingers (to help the thought), of course, always and accurately directs the arrow in any desired position on the scale of the device. Heat energy and human life hands, their movement, rotation, etc., are already enough to affect the instrument pointer (any body) , and it is not telekinesis. The Exposure to very thought can be called telekinesis , and the impact energy of the hands, rotation — gravisensorikoy, ( invent — change far gravisensorika.).

In order to successfully influence the power of thought on the arrow device Kozyrev, needed a break between attempts. The energy of thought is accumulated and condensed into a state of rest or usual activities. When the direction of the mass of thoughts on the subject — to an energy blast. I noticed that the interval between the psychophysical influence, strengthens the result of this action. There is absolutely no doubt that the thought is material, has a mass, and this is a common physical phenomenon. Left of me figure out the procedure for calculating the mass of ideas , ways of transforming and accelerating accumulation.

Development of telekinesis at home.

For classes using weights Kozyrev. Located at arm’s length from the device. And begins to work the idea. Help word. This effectively. In the first lesson you must observe a pause between all attempts at least 1 minute. Do not engage in telekinesis exercise more than 20 minutes in the morning and the same in the second. With the further development of capacity, the classroom does not necessarily increase the (important to develop a rapid accumulation of large amounts of energy). On the lessons to exclude external influences on the instrument (changes: light, heat, cold, rotating objects). At the beginning of telekinesis lessons, help the power of thought to the impact of hands all over increasing distance to the device each time, for example, the third task. This helps to assert themselves and significantly accelerates the development of telekinesis. Further, at a distance of 2 meters from the unit, you will be able to affect only a single power of thought. Suitable for exposure are two ways of thought. first — moving the idea itself arrow, the second target point to be hot object, fire, a mug of tea, is not distracted by the arrow. The road by walking. ( After two months of experimentation, it would be desirable to add, pulses of 10 seconds, with a pause of 1-2 seconds are very effective)

I discovered another interesting fact. Word spoken emotionally, acts on the arrow of the device is not less effective, but possibly even more vigorously than just a thought. Work. About the observations tell.

Learn telekinesis If telekinesis or someone interested, write, I will tell in detail all the details and describe the alteration of the scales Kozyrev for telekinesis. Guess indignation «psychics» work with your hands, but enjoy a real telekinesis, it is more interesting than to wave his hands with a serious surge views.

Simple training telekinesis:

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